Organising needs to be simpler

I'm In was born out of the frustration of trying to organise 5 side football matches. Frustration followed!

We’ve been arranging a friendly 5 a side football match for around 2 years now. There have been some weeks where it’s been a complete nightmare. We honestly never realised how much hard work would go into getting 10 people together on a regular basis. We originally started using Emails and SMS messages and manually keeping a list of who was playing. This was painful. On average we sent out at least 10 group emails a week. We also struggled to get a regular 10. Sometimes we’d be stuck on 8 or 9, which was always frustrating and led to more email and sms sending. The worst thing would be dealing with people having to drop out.

I’m In has completely changed all that. Sure there have been the odd occasions where we’ve been short on numbers, but most of the time we have a complete 10 and even a waiting list, so even when people have to drop out I’m In deals with getting the next person off the waiting list.

Our record for having a match fully booked is 09:01am on the day the event invite went out.

John no longer minds being the event organiser as he has very little to do now. I’m In takes care of pretty much all the scenarios that used to cause problems. There are two key things we especially like:

  1. 1. Seeing all the push notifications of people saying “I’m In”
  2. 2. The “Space has become available” message that gets sent out if we suddenly drop from 10 to 9 people playing.