Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I start using I'm In?

    Just go to and set up an account. It's super-simple. You then need to create your first group of people, then your first event and invite your group.

  2. Does it cost anything to use?

    No, it's free!

  3. Does everyone I invite to an event have to sign up?

    No. This is the secret-sauce of I'm In. Completely friction-free event organisation. You as an organiser need to have sign up but people you invite can just say I'm In or I'm Out.

    Of course, they can sign up and they get more features and functionality but they don't need to just to RSVP.

  4. How easy is it to organise an event or get together?

    Very, very easy.

  5. Do you do recurring events?

    We do! Handy eh?!

  6. When are event invitation emails sent?

    We send up to 3 invitation emails per person. Everyone is guaranteed to get the first invitation email.

    The first invitation reminder email is sent out half way between when when you created the event and the actual date of the event.

    The second invitation reminder email is sent out half way between when the first invitation reminder was sent and the actual date of the event.

    Both of the invitation reminder emails are only sent to people who have no responded all ready. The reminder emails are also not sent if the event is already full.

  7. Do event attendees get a reminder email?

    Yes, an email is sent out 24 hours before the event, so no one should forget!

  8. What happens if someone drops out of an event?

    If you have a person on the waiting list, they will be automatically moved off the waiting list into the attending list. They will also be emailed to check they can still attend.

    If there is no one to fill the space, and all of the invitation reminder emails have been sent, we will automatically send out a "space has become available" email to everyone in the group, to hopefully get that space filled.

  9. What is a group?

    A group is a number of people you have added (using their email addresses). You can then invite a group to an event.

  10. What is an event?

    An event is planned for the future, can be recurring and will include people within a group.

  11. Can I manage people within groups?

    Yes indeed! You can add, remove as well as seeing numbers.

  12. What is a public link?

    A public link is to a group and allows organisers and group members to share the link for others to click and join. People can add in a little information about themselves and can then request to join the group. The organiser gets a notification email and can then allow them to join.

  13. Do you have a data policy?

    We will never pass on your details to anyone else. We hate spam just as much as you do and take your privacy and data very seriously.