Organising the weekly 5-a-side football

Seb Napier - Wannabe football manager

I've been organising a 5 a side game for over 4 years now and we've tried so many different ways to get 10 people together. We started off with with using email to get everyone together and I kept a manual list of who was and wasn't coming. This soon became pretty tiresome. Email is just not an organising tool. The worst part was handling players dropping out the evening before, or the morning of the game.

As a rough estimate I'd suggested I used to spend 1 - 2 hours a week organising the game. So in effect, I'd spend more time each week organising the game, than actually playing it!

Before using I'm In we did tried other web / mobile apps, but there were always one or two players that struggled with them. Not everyone has a smart phone, not everyone was on Facebook, etc, etc

I'm In was pretty much the last throw of the dice for me, I was becoming a bit tired of the endless weekly chore, that organising football had become. We had a squad of around 30 player, it really shouldn't have been difficult to get 10 out to play.

The first week we used I'm In was absolutely incredible. I had a fully booked game within a a few hours, and a waiting list as well!

If you are wondering about using I'm In for organising your weekly kick-around, training sessions or even matches, then stop wondering and just get using it. I've gone from spending 1-2 hours a week organising the game to spending less than 2 minutes a week!

The thing I really like is how there are just enough reminders for everyone, and the "space has become available" email is brilliant. I rarely have to ring around at the last minute anymore, I'm In does all the hard work for me.

I'm In has made such as difference, the football even gets arranged even when I go away on holiday!